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The marketplace to source and sell wine more effectively.

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We are done with
And we don't need that.

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New kid on the block?

Damn right!

Soulgrape changes the wine trade as we know it.
Wineries and buyers are connected directly, thereby optimizing conventional ordering processees.

No need for intermediaries and warehouses.

Soulgrape supports your transaction, logistics and distribution.

We are a market network - a plattform that leaves trading for the consumers and producers. The system is simple and avoids intermediaries, high margins and fixed portfolios. Thereby the value chain is reestablished and, on top of that, the entire process becomes more efficient.

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You have more choice that is also more unique.


You require less and are independent from time to place your order.


One simple invoice. Delivery once per week.

You are vintner? That's how it works:

  • register for free

    Registration is free,
    long-term commitment is not our thing anyway.

  • upload your portfolio

    Upload the Excel sheet, add price and stock,
    add a picture - done!

  • receive orders reliably

    Soulgrape takes care of a good overview.
    We let you know by email,
    as soon as an order came in.

  • prepare the packages for pickup

    Your packages are picked up by our
    logistics partner at the door.



You keep an overview over all your orders and save time.


You decide value and price of every bottle.


You know who your wine is sold to.

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